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Builds Endurance

Strength and conditioning are essential to maintaining the endurance needed to win a fight or overcome a sparring competitor. In The Base Vancouvers’ strength and conditioning class, we will build your stamina through both aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

Aerobic exercises improve your cardiovascular health and are done for long periods of time. In our class, this will include drills incorporating walking, running, rowing, and other cardio-based routines. Meanwhile, anaerobic exercises are done in shorter time increments but performed at a higher intensity. This will include activities such as sprinting, weight lifting, jump training, and HIIT. Most importantly, our strength and conditioning class spend a lot of time putting your skills to the test through sparring. After all, the more you do something, the easier it gets!

The Base Vancouver Suples

Strengthens Important Muscles

When sparring or fighting, possessing exceptional strength in specific muscles can provide you with the upper hand needed to win. In this class, we prioritize the quads, abdominal muscles, back muscles, triceps, upper body muscles, and shoulder muscles. While we aim to strengthen and build these muscles, we’re even more concerned about keeping them lean. Students will regularly partake in strength and resistance training that will improve their performance in all of the martial arts disciplines they practice.

Quickens Speed and Reflexes

Often, a single moment wasted in contemplation can prevent you from winning a match. The faster you can react to your opponent’s moves, the better off you’ll be. By training in strength and conditioning, your increased stamina will help you stay on your toes rather than being knocked out by every blow. Our strength and conditioning training helps students build up certain muscles, allowing them to take a hit and bounce back in no time.

Additionally, we are constantly finding ways to incorporate techniques into our strength and conditioning exercises. We want to make those forms and skills second nature, empowering students to quicken their reaction time and respond to their opponent’s kicks and punches without hesitation

The Base Vancouver Suples

Heightens Intuition

The more experience you have in sparring, the better you’ll be able to predict and anticipate your opponent’s next move. Not only will our strength and conditioning class refine your physical abilities, but it will focus on the mentality behind a fight as well. We believe that entering a match with a clear mindset and positive expectations is just as important for ensuring success as stretching beforehand or spending months developing amazing stamina. As you heighten your strength and conditioning skills, you’ll quickly find that your confidence has been heightened too.

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